Pay only for the cloud sources used!

The average cost of using a business process management software is more than $200 per month for a typical company. We have slashed these operating costs by more than 75% because you pay only for the applications you need, the storage and bandwidth you use.

Best Business Process Management Software to streamline your business.

Every aspect of your business, leads, CRM, projects, Collaborations, billing and reporting etc!

PnaPna-business process management software
PnaPna-deliver the software as a service to the clients

We have integrated different processes, so you do not need many subscriptions?

We deliver the software as a service (SAAS) to our client, by free and paid subscriptions. We deliver the software as a service (SAAS) to our client, by free and paid subscriptions.

Using different software does not mean just more money but also more databases. By us compiling these in one database, no carrying over data manually from one to the other.

PnaPna-e-tools that provide top notch user experience

Our value proposition is to provide e-tools that provide top notch user experience?

Unlike Gmail and Skype our communication group has digital tools like email, messaging, voice over internet protocol, and whiteboard etc that are stored in your drive without snooping by anyone.

Leads are brought in automatically from your websites, emails, chat, scheduling calendar etc into the system so you can convert them into customers and fulfil their orders. Employees time servicing these functions are also recorded for in the system.

To Dos, Notes, calendars, Tasks, projects are seen in list or Kanban style with Gantt Charts in every subscription.

Why Us?

Among more than 1000+ Project management software, CRM, and speciality SAAS?

All applications rapped in one umbrella

We encompass many brick and mortar functions, yet is the easiest to use to manage your leads, contacts, clients, projects, teams, finances and your company, all in one subscription.

Real-time mirror of your performance

We replace spreadsheets and various antiquated tools by customized dashboards where the data is displayed in real-time on your finger tips to track your progress and performance.

PNAPNA is a strong Collaborative Platform

Regardless of the time zones where your teams are, they are all connected by our digital workspace very smoothly. The work gets done, weather in or out of the office building.

PNAPNA aids fast decision making

We provide the holistic solutions. The software is a giant beast of huge data stored in its belly. So you can make fast decisions from its data driven and churning capabilities in real-time.

Insert your data once and then no more

No need for tedious double entering of data in various tables. We automatically populate data where and when it is needed, simultaneously, so you can move from client saying yes to invoicing and sign ready agreements in seconds.

Continue to use the tools you already know

We integrate with almost any other tool you have your comfort zone in, from mass emails, marketing, HR, accounting, cloud storage, you name it and we have you covered. Name a service not covered and we will do it for you.

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